Affordable Family Lawyers

We understand that many of our clients find themselves seeking a family lawyer in circumstances that already place a strain on finances, such as separation or divorce.

We are committed to providing high quality, affordable family law services. We offer very competitive rates and take a low-cost approach to how we bill our clients.

Fixed fees are available for certain types of cases – please enquire for further details. The way we charge for everything else is based upon the time spent working on your case, and any direct outlays. Either way, we provide complete transparency, so you are clear about how your legal fees are calculated.

Our Fee Structure

We are different from the vast majority of other law firms in that we apply our hourly rate in 1 minute units meaning you’re only billed for the time actually spent working on your case.

The industry standard is to bill in 6 minute units. Everything is charged in blocks of 6 minutes and rounded up. This means that for a 13 minute telephone call, you would be charged for 18 mins (3 x 6 minute blocks), whereas at Kee Solicitors, we do not round up and would charge for 13 minutes.

As a result, the costs you incur over the course of a year’s legal representation may be significantly lower with Kee Solicitors.


We are proud to provide high quality, affordable family law. If you have any questions at all, please get in touch to arrange a free telephone consultation.

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