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Ordinary Divorce

Getting divorced in Scotland

If your marriage has broken down and you're looking to get divorced and either have children under the age of 16 or financial matters in dispute you’ll require an Ordinary Divorce. Ordinary Divorces can be split into two categories; Undefended Divorces and Defended Divorces. More information on the ordinary divorce processes is set out below.

If you do not have children under the age of 16 and have agreed on all financial matters, please see our Simplified Divorce page. For more general information and frequently asked questions, explore our page on divorce.  

Alternatively, you can contact us today. Our divorce lawyers will advise on the appropriate next steps for your own personal circumstances.

Ordinary Divorce in Scotland

Undefended Divorce

In circumstances where you are looking to get a Divorce in Scotland and your spouse has indicated that they will not defend a Divorce action, you can progress matters without appearing in court.

The process is relatively straightforward and usually takes around 10-14 weeks. If you require to be divorced quicker please contact us and we will advise you of your options. 

How much do Undefended Divorces cost? 

We offer a Fixed fee for Undefended Divorce meaning there is no hidden cost. We charge £1,100 + VAT (£1,320 total) plus Court fees of £237, resulting in a total cost of £1,557.

What are the key steps in an Undefended Divorce?

1. First Meeting

We will have an initial meeting with you in our office, on the phone or via video call to obtain all the information required. This will involve us getting to understand your circumstances and provide you with advice specific to your circumstances. We’ll explain each step to you in detail and make sure you know what to expect

2. Initial Writ

We will then draft a court document known as an Initial Writ, this is the document responsible for raising an action. The Initial Writ is sent to the court for warrant / approval. We are required to lodge this with birth and marriage certificates in the form of an inventory of productions.

3. Papers Served

Once warranted, the writ is served along with various other papers on your spouse either recorded delivery or by Sheriff Officers.

4. 21 Days

Your spouse has 21 days from when papers are served to defend / oppose the Divorce action. If your spouse decides to defend the divorce, we move to the Defended Divorce process. Assuming no defence is lodged we proceed with the Undefended Divorce.

5. Affidavits

Once 21 days have elapsed without any opposition being lodged we will prepare two statements known as affidavits; one from yourself and one from a third party who has knowledge of your circumstances. These are signed by you after you are sworn under oath by a Notary Public and are treated the same as you giving evidence in Court. Our Solicitors are also Notary Publics and this service is included in the cost.

6. Decree

We then process all the documentation and return this to the Court with a Minute for Decree. The Sheriff will then consider the documentation and make a decision on whether to grant your Divorce. If there are no issues your Divorce will be granted and we’ll be provided with your Decree of Divorce.

For immediate assistance, please either call us on 0141 478 9090 for our Glasgow office, 01224 002 556 for our Aberdeen office or Click here to make a free online enquiry.

Defended Divorce

In situations where your spouse does not agree to the Divorce being granted or you have been unable to resolve financial matters amicably, you may wish to defend an action, or raise an Ordinary Divorce action that is defended by your spouse. This may also occur when there are disputes in relation to children. When a Divorce action is defended a court time table is fixed. This involves various types of hearings depending on your circumstances and will likely require you to appear in court.

How much does a Defended Divorce cost? 

We offer a choice of fixed fees or pay as you go where possible, however each case is very different. Our priority is providing a service and solution that is best suited to your needs. Contact us now to speak to an expert family lawyer who can provide you with a tailored quote.

Is Everything Split 50/50 in a Divorce?

There are many circumstances that will determine how marital property and assets are divided in the case of a Divorce. For example, a car is one of the most valuable assets for many people. You can read more in detail about the Division of marital property and assets in our article here

Child Custody, Contact & Residence

If you are in need of specialist legal advice in regards to child custody, child residence and contact agreements, or you want to know more about your parental rights (including your rights as a father), Kee Solicitors can help. 

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Please either call us on 0141 478 9090 for our Glasgow office, 01224 002 556 for our Aberdeen office or click here to make a free online enquiry for immediate assistance.

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