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Drafting a Will not only allows your estate to be distributed how you wish but also appoints the individual responsible for managing your affairs and funeral once you are gone. At Kee Solicitors, we will offered a service that is tailored to your specific requests, as the details held within Wills are often extremely beneficial in helping assist your relatives with funeral arrangements and valuable family objects. We offer advice on the division of your estate and other arrangements enabling the production of a valid will that is binding under Scots Law.

What happens if I Die Without Making a Will?

It is a common concern to worry about what the future holds as we grow older. Planning ahead and simply contacting us at Kee solicitors will allow you peace of mind in ensuring your wishes are fulfilled.

If you die without a will, the laws of intestacy govern the division of your estate. This will mean that your loved ones may not be provided for, regardless of their relationship to you. Providing a Will that details your wishes, will avoid this problem, ensuring your possessions remain within the family. It’s also important to consider the future with the appointment of a Power of Attorney.

Why Should I Draft a Will?

You should draft a Will as it ensures that:

You are able to dictate who inherits from the estate you leave behind. This can be particular to any specific items you have in mind for a relative to inherit. This can range broadly and includes, various personal or expensive items that are in your current possession.

The specification of what type of funeral arrangements it is that you wish.

An individual is appointed as an executor, who will deal with the administration of your estate upon your death.

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